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China has been developing massage techniques for over 5000 years and massage is considered an essential part of health maintenance. Whether you are seeking to reduce stress in order to feel more relaxed or to enjoy the benefits of increased circulation and range of motion, we are here to help.


Massage Options

Swedish Massage: The most widely recognized and common form of massage. Also known as "classic massage". This is a calming and relaxing massage.

Shiatsu Massage: This traditional Japanese massage technique utilizes finger, thumbs, palms for massage as well as assisted stretching. This massage opens the bodies natural energy channels.

Traditional Chinese Massage: Focuses on pushing, stretching and kneading of the muscles and the pinching and pressing of acupressure points. This oil-less massage relieves stiffness and pain and can help increase your range of motion.

Deep Tissue Massage: As the name implies, deep tissue massage reaches deeper into the muscles of your body to relieve chronic aches and pains. This is a more vigorous and focused massage.

Gua Sha: This technique uses an instrument for "coining", "spooning" or "scrapping" injured areas of the body.  Sha Gua is used to promote circulation and healing. * Gua Sha produces light bruising and leaves a pronounced redness on the skin that can last for days. Adds $20.00.

Couples Massage

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Capitola Village Massage

Located in beautiful Capitola Village

A wonderful destination and a great place to live! Capitola Village features many different excellent restaurants, wine tasting, tons of shopping, wharf and beautiful beaches. Plenty of public parking is available. Why not add a relaxing massage to your visit to Capitola Village. We hope to see you soon.
                               Capitola Village Massage

Walk ins Welcome....

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